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The roots of the Steinschaler Küche

Slow Food
Grüne Haube - Austrian award for natural and organic cuisine

The Steinschaler Küche is specialised on regional, seasonal and organic products.

We use a high (and constantly growing) number of ogranic products from our Steinschaler Gärten - nature gardens.

The Steinschaler Naturhotels food philosophy: "Zünftig und Vernünftig" - traditional and sustainable. We give traditional recipes an individual and special character by using fresh and seasonal ingredients from our gardens and from our region.

Wild herb Palatschinken (Austrian pancakes)
Cornelian Cherry fruits
sheep's milk cheese with wild herbs

Are you a vegetarion or Vegean? We are offering vegetarian and vegan dishes on a daily basis. Our cuisine also includes lactose and gluten-free dishes. veganes Essen

Photo Gallery - Steinschaler Küche

delicious squash risotto
Steinschaler vegan cabbage roll
the roots: fresh organic products from our garden
Scheibtruhe reifer Paradeiser

home made warm apple strudel
loin roast from the pork - medium
tender venison saddle with vegetables
Risotto with grilled beef
leftover of a tasty meal
excellent roots for a delicious and healthy cuisine - the Steinschaler gardens
a variation of desserts
spicy turkey strips
the Cornelian Cherry has a special importance in the Steinschaler cuisine