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"Conquer" you sections of approx '£ 1,000 km of hiking trails in Dirndltal' with the Wanderbahn /Hiking Track.

Travel comfortably and without stress by train to us or from us. As the backbone of the valley, the Mariazell Railway winds through the entire length, along the natural Pielach, which is particularly known by fly-fishermen.

Dirndln and Sustainability

Fronberg - Begin of June

With the name "The Valley of the Dirndl" indicates the Region for years a staple and a uniform appearance. This calculation is the Dirndl sustainability in dealing with limited resources in agriculture and in the economy as a whole in the foreground.

For years we also held the Lower Austrian Sustainability conferences in stone Doerfl in Southern Pielachtal. Pielachtal gained an award in 2007 with the first region in Austria that contracts by the European Union as "Eden Award" for sustainable thinking and economies especially honored in the cultural landscape.

Mariazellerbahn - the Hiking Track

Ötschergräben: the hiking paradise

This nostalgic Schmalspurbahnis the ideal transport in the Tal, for not to go twice on the same hiking paths.

Take this electric mobility available at us through the Mariazellerbahn more than 100 years!
The Bahnwanderweg/Trailpath is particularly suitable to the Mariazellerbahn to use as a walking path.

Through hiking you can get the best knowledge of Dirndltal.

Lead to paths that go up from the gentle hills of the mountains and have a unique view offer. For cozy breaks a number of shelters are offered. Those who want to practice in the rock, moves to the crags or in bad weather in the Kletterhalle.

Tipps for Hiking Track

Hiking Track Bhf Steinschal
Heaven steppe by the production garden
  • Mainburg - Wetterluckn - Warth - Steinschalerhof
  • Rabenstein - Jubilee - Gaisbühel - Steinschalerhof
  • Obergrafendorf - Mainburg - by train
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In your interest

Hiking with a view of Ötscher

The 'Vineyard Jewels - Your weekend package by train'

Explore the magnificent cultural landscape with the help of the hiking track: Anfrage für Wanderwochenende.

view ofEisenstein to Ötscher in autumn

Pages on trails, Steinschaler Hiking offers or cabins at the same place!

More info for Natural Park Ötscher:

Energy and the energy efficiency of Steinschaler Nature Hotels!

Take advantage of this unique walking path. We give practical info for your walk, for the return journey or for hiking with the track/ Bahnwanderweg.

Popular stages with Mariazellerbahn for arrival

MZB - the hiking track

We are happy to advise you on hiking destinations, route selection, timetables, equipment, etc. Our reception also gives you the maps for the hiking tour.

Pages on trails, hikes and shelters

Opportunities with the track in our region: